Sunday, March 25, 2012

Veruca Salt "Volcano Girls"

Here's another Weekend Post:

After yesterday's post, I was trying to come up with another good 90s duo to write about, and I was stuck.

Just by coincidence, this particular song was mentioned in a book I'm reading. Hooray, coincidence!

While I remember Veruca Salt well, I'd forgotten what a fun, hooky track and a fun video this is, especially with "Glass Onion"/Beatles reference.

See the video on Youtube.

See some fun Beatles footage and hear "Glass Onion" on Youtube.

Weekend posts are a chance to revisit songs that have happy memories, not of anything in particular, other than just hearing the tunes.

Many of these songs were tracks that I played during my 90s stint as an Alternative/Modern Rock radio show. They're tunes that I hardly hear these days, but are wonderful to revisit.

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