Friday, March 16, 2012

Chieftains & The Civil Wars "Lily Love"

With St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, it seems only appropriate that I end the working week with the pride of Ireland, The Chieftains, who are somehow, improbably, celebrating their 50th year!

You know what I love about this track, that makes me appreciate the band so much? That, to celebrate their 50 years, they made a record with loads of young guests, including The Low Anthem, The Decemberists and Paolo Nutini.

But what is so amazing, is that this record isn't about THE CHIEFTAINS 50TH ANNIVERSARY!!! It's about The Chieftains, making great music.

What I mean, is that they could have made a record that celebrated themselves, that put themselves front and center, that let the guests serve them.

But check out this track with The Civil Wars.

This song is NOT about The Chieftains. It puts The Civil Wars front and center. The Chieftains are present, but they are there to serve the singers, and to serve the song.

It shows a humility and a love of music, that should be celebrating its 50th year, and 50 more.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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