Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dawes "A Little Bit Of Everything"

Over the weekend, I went out to dinner with my wife and two other couples.

These folks are new-ish in my life---the friends you make when your kids go to (pre)school.

One of the husbands is a builder. We talked a lot about the zero-carbon-footprint eco-Home that he is working on. Fascinating, world-bettering stuff.

The other husband is a scientist. He is literally working on a cure for cancer, via marine biology. Fascinating, world-bettering stuff.

I love being a DJ. But it doesn't necessarily feel like I'm bettering the world.

The same day, I got this letter from Brooks, who's an avid mvyradio listener.

It's nowhere near as important as saving lives or saving the earth, but it feels great to be able to share something that touches hearts and souls.


Hi, PJ.

Quick MVY story for you:

Walked back into my office on Monday and a song I had never heard was playing on MVY. “Is that Jackson Browne?” I wondered, but quickly realized it wasn’t. I was drawn into the lyrics immediately, checked your website for the “Now Playing” feature, and will now always remember where I was the first time I heard A Little Bit of Everything and Dawes.

Fast forward to Wednesday night. Was leaving on a long trip to Maine with 9th grade son the next day and figured I’d buy some new music for the drive. Obvious choice was Wrecking Ball- perfect chance to digest new Bruce. Fact is, I didn’t really feel any urgency about it- I know I’ll get to it eventually. What was exciting was taking in a band I heard for the first time the other day and all signs (90 second itunes clips, you tube video, MVY endorsement) pointed up. So downloaded Nothing is Wrong and keeps getting better with every listen. Some incredible writing- A Little Bit of Everything is powerful and that level is consistent through much of the album.

So just wanted to thank you and MVY for one of the most important things you do- introducing us to artists and their music.


mvyradio is playing "Nothing Is Wrong" in its entirety tonight, as our Album Of The Week.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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