Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thomas Dolby "The Toadlickers"

"She Blinded Me With Science." I'm guessing you are familiar with that.

Maybe that's all you know about Thomas Dolby.

But you've missed a few things, and maybe knowing those few things will prompt you to give the time of day to his first album in nearly 20 years.

Did you know he played keyboards on "Waiting For A Girl Like You" and other hits for Foreigner?

That he was the keyboard player on Def Leppard's mega-hit "Pyromania" album?

That he played on records by Robyn Hitchcock, The Thompson Twins and George Clinton?

That he co-produced a record for Joni Mitchell?

Is he getting any cred from you yet?

That he moved away from recording in the early 90s, to move toward technology by starting a company that developed early digital files?

Then developed software synthesizers for mobile phones?

That if you have a Nokia phone, you have Thomas Dolby-created ringtones buzzing in your ears?

That he has been the Musical Director of TED Conference since 2001?

Okay, so he's a creative guy, a credible talent, an innovative mind.

Does that get you interested in hearing his first album in 19 years?

Okay, fine!!!

This video features:

Toad porno.

Dog puppets shooting smack.

A cat with a hooka.

Lingerie-clad cowgirls.

A chicken who appear to be examining various types of feces.

If that doesn't get you to check it out, nothing will.

See the crazy video on Youtube.

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