Thursday, March 8, 2012

Counting Crows "Untitled (Love Song)"

There are basically two kinds of covers albums.

One pays tribute to influences. Usually the original artists are familiar names, and often, the songs are familiar and coast on the good will of their history.

The other version is an interpreter's medium. Think Bonnie Raitt, who mostly does other people's songs, and often covers unknown singer-songwriters and up-and-coming talent. They are interpreters because they don't write a ton of songs themselves.

I figured if Counting Crows were going to do a covers record, it would be the former, not the latter.

But surprisingly, their new record "Underwater Sunshine" features covers by undiscovered and/or obscure and/or contemporary talent. They cover Travis and the pre-Duritz-Counting-Crows-band Sordid Humor.

And they cover The Romany Rye. These guys are an unsigned Long Beach, California band.

Interesting choice. Strong song. Well done.

Hear The Romany Rye original on Youtube.

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