Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tina Fey "A Mother's Prayer For Its Daughter"

My kid has hit this phase where she'll start giggling, getting silly, bouncy and she'll run out of the room.

Mere milliseconds later, seemingly to defy the laws of physics and time, she comes tearing back through the room, 100% naked, screaming, laughing hysterically, totally hoop-a-doop out-of-control.

And I smile, knowing that this is a phase that kids go through, and I'll miss it when it's gone.

Because it's a phase. Right?

There is that little corner of my brain (it's little, but loud) that whimpers, "God, I hope this is just a phase, not a sign that I will have a totally out-of-control hoop-a-doop about-to-be-nude-any-second teenage, one decade from now."

I think that's why this reading by Tina Fey has been making the internet rounds, among my parents-of-young-children peers.

It's not a song, but Tina Fey's audio book version of "Bossypants" is nominated for a Spoken Word Grammy.

She has my sympathetic, whimpering vote.

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Hear the reading on Youtube.

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