Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Little Willies "For The Good Times"

So here was an awkward promo person situation. I asked:

"Are you still working The Little Willies project? I'm thinking of adding something from it."

The Little Willies is this group of New York Musicians who started getting together on a regular basis over a decade ago, first to perform Willie Nelson covers, later expanding their repertoire to covering lots of classic country songwriters. One of the members happened to concurrently have a breakthrough in her solo career: Norah Jones.

This is their second record. It's been floating around for a couple of months now. I liked it when I heard it---the free-wheeling love of the music is charmingly evident---but I wasn't in any rush to add something until I had some space to play with in the playlist.

The time, for me, was right. So I mentioned it to the guy working the record to me.

He handled it quite deftly.

"That's great, but I know (name of person at the label) would want me to mention, that Norah's new single will be here in a couple of weeks."

Ah, how awkward! You can't really have a Norah Jones side project get in the way of Norah Jones main project.

I know there are plenty of stations who would only be willing to play one song by an artist at a time. And if they added The Little Willies, they'd probably hold the add on the new, proper-Norah track.

We think that's silly.

So we're adding the Kris Kristofferson cover, "For The Good Times." And we'll most definitely add the new Norah when it arrives.

By the way, the new Norah Jones album sounds like it could be VERY interesting. It's produced by Danger Mouse.

Though I hear it is not a continuation of "Rome," I posted one of the Norah Jones tracks from that Danger Mouse project from last year, below, so you could get a possible flavor for how those two might connect, musically. "Rome" was Danger Mouse's tribute to spaghetti Western film music.

Hear "For The Good Times" on Youtube.

See a mini-documentary about The Little Willies on Youtube.

Hear the Rome track on Youtube.

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