Monday, February 6, 2012

Booker T Jones "Representing Memphis"

Go ahead and listen to the song first, and as your listening, try to guess which Grammy category Booker T Jones is nominated in.

The song is "Representing Memphis" from Booker T's album "The Road From Memphis." This track features vocals by Sharon Jones and Matt Berninger of The National.

Hear the song on Youtube.

So, what category do you think this is in?

Hmm, well there's no "Soul" category.

Nope, nothing in the R&B field.

The Grammys don't really single out individual instruments, so no "Best Piano/Keyboard" or anything.


Here it is: This album is nominated for "Best Pop Instrumental Album."


Yes, you may have noticed that there were some vocalists on this track, seemingly disqualifying it as an instrumental.

But there are some fun and funny rules in the Grammy world, and for "Instrumental Albums" the rules state that only "at least 51% playing time of newly recorded pop instrumental tracks." So even with a few tracks featuring vocalists, Booker T's mostly instrumental album qualifies in the category.

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