Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Shins "Simple Song"

It's funny to hear yourself described through someone else's eyes.

Barbara had just come back from lunch with friends, and she was telling me, about how she was telling her lunchmates about a music listening session.

The day before, Barbara and I had been sitting in the studio, putting an ear to some of the strong contenders for addition to the mvyradio Playlist.

Though we've never added The Shins in the past, there was something about "Simple Song" that seemed to push The Shins closer to mvy-Land.

Barbara started talking about how there was this trend of modern, beautiful music, that really aimed to touch the heart. Songs that are both big and tender and emotional, from the likes of Fleet Foxes and The Low Anthem and such.

"Simple Song" had reached about the 40 second mark, moving toward the hook and the chorus of "Ahhhs" and I responded . . .

Barbara was describing back to me how she had describe my reaction to her lunchmates, as "PJ's Sound Of Music Moment."

And it's true, I had said that the song felt like it should be sung from a grassy hilltop, and as I said this I raised my arms, as if singing to the sun.

So yeah, hearing this tune at full volume may cause you to feel that the Hills Are Alive . . .

Hear the song on Youtube.


  1. I love this song and the video is amazing! Can't wait to hear what else these guys have done. Here's the link for the video if you haven't seen it yet.

  2. Check out this article in Pitchfork...solidd complement to this post...