Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Pretenders "My City Was Gone"

For the next couple of days, I thought it would be fun to write about a few tunes for a game I'd like to call:

"This is what it means if you hear that song on mvyradio."

There are a handful of songs, that, if I hear them on the station, I can tell you exactly what is going on behind the scenes . . .

If you can hear this song, I can tell you who's NOT on the air!

I think all DJs understand, we are hear to serve up the music, based on the listeners, not solely on our personal tastes.

Imagine if I were your waiter. Just because I think mushrooms are disgusting, if you order the portabello, I'm not going to refuse to server it on the grounds of my own integrity.

So it goes with the tunes. We have the general idea that if a song or band is an mvy song or band, all the DJs will play them, regardless of personal prejudice. You can't love everything on the menu, and only an asshole would deny others enjoyment of something, based on personal taste.

But every once and a while, one or another of us will get obstinate, and out and out refuse to play a track.

I won't out the person---and like a good Agatha Christie book, everyone is a possible suspect in this case---but this DJ's political views motivate the choice.

Rush Limbaugh uses "My City Was Gone" as his theme song. And this DJ is no fan of Rush or the conservative talk show host's views.

So you will NEVER hear this song, during that DJs shift.

Use your powers of deduction, to eliminate suspects, Sherlock.

Hear the original song, and then check out the segment from Rush's show, where he details the story of how he came to pick that song as his theme, lost the rights briefly, and then gained an unlikely ally to get it back.

Hear the song on Youtube.

Hear Rush tell the story on Youtube.

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