Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Johnny Hoy & The Bluefish "Back Where I Belong"

How I Met My Wife, Part 2:

(I wrote Part 1 a year ago. Just getting around to the rest of the story now. And there was a Part 1a, too.)

"Clearly, something is happening here."

We had gone out to dinner at Offshore Ale following the Big Chili Contest. We'd just met, but the easy chemistry was evident.

We'd talked. Danced. Kissed. Said goodbye to our friends and headed off to dinner together to get to know each other.

I can't really remember what preceded me saying "Clearly, something is happening here" across the dinner table, but I wanted to acknowledge what we both knew---that this wasn't just drunk-boy meets drunk-girl and has silly night together. This was something bigger.

A week or so after the day we met, she sent me a few pictures of the night. One stood out in particular.

I don't have any recollection of who took the picture, or exactly when, or exactly what was happening in that moment.

But I will say that maybe more than any picture I've ever been in, it captured what the moment felt like.

After dinner, we'd gone to The Ritz Cafe to hear Johnny Hoy And The Bluefish, and to extend our night together. As usual, the band provided a fun frolicking time.

I think this photo was taken between sets, when we'd decided to leave. We're holding each other, looking at each other (looking a quite a bit drunk, no doubt), locked into each other.

Somehow the picture conveys both the new infatuation, and the instant, easy familiarity that usually only comes after two people really get to know each other.

8 years later, lots of things have changed. But as she was going out the door this morning, I reminded her that today was the 24th, held her like I did in the picture, and kissed her goodbye, all in that same easy way I did 8 years ago.

Today's the day, but Saturday we celebrate---at the mvyradio Big Chili Contest in the morning, and at The Ritz with Johnny Hoy at night.

Happy Anniversary!

(There wasn't really any Johnny Hoy on Youtube, so I made a video, using only the picture I'm writing about here.)

Hear the song on Youtube.

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