Monday, January 30, 2012

Gotye "Somebody That I Used To Know"

Here's another "Should mvyradio play this?"

A record promotions friend of mine (who isn't even working this record) said to me, "Man, you must be the only station not playing Gotye."

He's a multiple ARIA winner (the Australian equivalent of the Grammy), now finding success in the USA.

I do love me an emotional duet. And a good stop motion video. But I'm not sure it's really our style.

Should we be playing it?

Hear the song on Youtube.


  1. Why not? Heard this on The Penguin 98.3. What gets dropped if it gets added?

  2. Abosultely, yes. The song is an emotional roller coaster lyrically, but outstanding musically. The radio stations out here in the Bay Area were giving caveats before playing it up until a week or two ago, but now it seems to be in medium or heavy rotation. Go for it, your listeners will love it.