Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trombone Shorty "Backatown"

I've written before about what happens when the year comes to an end, and the record industry (but not the radio industry) goes in to hibernation.

And here we are again.

I actually look forward to this lull period, because it affords us the opportunity to look back at records we passed over for some reason.

There are only so many spots on a playlist. We keep 50-something new songs in rotation at mvyradio. Sure, you could do more. But the more songs you add, the less play each one gets. So we try to keep that number consistent.

And within that group of 50-something, we make a real effort to keep things eclectic. A few rockier songs, a few poppier songs, a few alternative songs, a few heritage artists, a few unknowns, etc.

Getting added to the playlist is not just about a great song. It's about how the song fits into the current big picture.

We love to have a good couple of R&B flavored songs in the mix, but if you put in too many, well, it's like Hot Sauce. A little gives it some kick. Enough makes the chili rock. Too much ruins the whole pot.

I can't remember if that was the exact reason we passed over this excellent Trombone Shorty album. But when I started asking staff members about which albums they felt we should give a second look, this was the most popular candidate. And the current playlist is certainly lighter on the groove-based records.

So here 'tis, for the season.

And pick up a Trombone Shorty Christmas song.

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