Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Billy Joel "Captain Jack"

If my love of music comes from either parent, it must be my Dad.

Mom might listen to the Classical station, but otherwise, when she drives, the radio is usually off.

Dad loves music, all kind of music.

And yet, he's not, nor had he ever been, a record purchaser.

If fact, for most of the 90s, he only owned one CD.

Sure, he had a box full of records (which are now mine!) dating back to "Meet The Beatles." And he a small pile of cassettes of music varying from showtunes to classic rock to swing.

But for most of the 90s, there was only one CD in his car:

Billy Joel's Greatest Hits.

Why? Why that one?

You know, when you have dozens of discs, one title doesn't necessarily say anything about you. But when you only have one, it must be saying something, right? It must make some kind of statement, yes?

I'm not sure what it means. But he does love that record.

Happy 70th birthday, Dad!

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  1. These two songs -- Captain Jack and Miami 2017 -- are my favorites from this era of Billy Joel's career. There's very little like either song anywhere.