Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michael Nesmith "Rio"

Last week I invited mvy listeners and EDIWTB readers to write about the first video they remember seeing on MTV.

This one's from a commenter on the blog, who didn't leave a name:

The first video I can remember seeing was Michael Nesmith's rudimentary, but groundbreaking Pop Clips, which aired in 6-hour chunks as a test on the new Nickelodeon network. A year later, he sold the concept of MTV to Time-Warner, Also memorable, not long after that, Godley and Creme of 10cc fame did a really cool video involving morphing--way ahead of its time. I can't remember the song, but it was catchy and the visual was very cool.

Here's one of the songs that appeared on that test show, followed by the Godley & Creme.

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  1. enjoying your blog!
    the first video i remember seeing was Point of No Return- Nu Shooz. This was not exactly the beginning of MTV (according the internet it was more like 1986!) I didn't even get cable at my own house until the early 90's, but I always remember seeing this video in my friend's bedroom- the images of all the shoes marching along has always stuck with me.