Friday, November 12, 2010

Black Grape "Get Higher"

It's clear, but ironic.

As a rule, the station doesn't take a political position on any topic. The DJs aren't supposed to expound on why they are for or against a particular cause.

The reasoning is two-fold. One, is that the station has listeners who sit in all parts of the political spectrum. And if you take a political position on the air, undoubtedly, while half the audience is shaking its head Hell Yes, the other half is either yelling at the speakers, or just turning you off. It's not the experience a music-oriented stations wants its listeners to have.

The other reason is one that many folks listening to mvy, are listening to mvy. They're not listening to PJ or Barbara or Laurel. So if I go on the air and say, "I think this new law stinks!" while some listeners will hear that as PJ's Opinion, for a whole chunk of listeners, that will register as MVY's Opinion. An individual taking a position on the air, is representing all of us on mvyradio. So if they take a position it better represent all of us DJs, and the station ownership, too.

Best to leave politics to Talk Radio, and just focus on the music.

Therein lies the irony.

Is there anything more political than Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Ohio"? Or JJ Cale's "The Problem"? Or Jackson Browne's "Lives In The Balance"? Or Grace Potter's "Ah Mary"? Or, an of about 400 songs we play on mvyradio?

Rock And Roll is rife with politics. Every other song we play seems to take a bold position.

How can R.E.M. rage about a "Teflon whitewashed presidency" and sing "We're sick of being jerked around," without raising a hackle. But if a DJ said this, it would register in a completely different way?

Ironic, I say.

So let me conclude with a nice bit of irony.

During the recent election, there were a few marijuana-related ballot questions, everywhere from this island off the East Coast to California. And one of my friends, in support of California's Proposition 19, posted an old clip from Night Flight on his Facebook page. Which reminded me that the clip had been appropriated by the band Black Grape in the 90s.

Enjoy the irony!

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