Thursday, November 4, 2010

Asia "Heat Of The Moment"

Last week I invited mvy listeners and EDIWTB readers to write about the first video they remember seeing on MTV.

Christine Lorenzo is my cousin, who lived in Stow, MA, where they didn't yet have MTV, but who remembers V66! Here's what Christine wrote, when I asked for video remembrances:

OK! You guys were always way cooler than us and this is one of the reasons why!!! You got MTV BEFORE us!!! I sat in your basement in a trance and did not want to go home to V66, are you kidding? Part of it was listening to PJ tell us all about the VJ’s and the channel and how super cool it is. Asia, I think, “Heat of the Moment” was the first video I saw at MTV Newburyport HQ. Of course when you guys came to our house we did put on amazing air-band performances but I think that is another story...

For those of you who don't know what V66 is . . .

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