Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dala “Levi Blues”

Starting in the early Fall, record labels release albums from Big Name artists. Marquee names. Hoping to get the word out, so you’ll buy the record for Christmas.

By early November, they are releasing music from Brand Names---artists SO BIG, you don’t even need to hear the music, to consider buying it. Boxed Sets, Greatest Hits, Christmas albums and such.

Once December hits, the labels go into hibernation. With all the Holiday Hoo-hah, they realize that trying to get a new record started would just get lost in the shuffle.

So no new releases come out at this time.

But the radio station beast still needs to be fed. Songs we added weeks and months ago are burning out, and we want to replace them with fresh material.

I really enjoy this time of year, because it gives us a chance to reconsider records that we missed earlier in the year.

We met Dala at Newport this summer, and fell in love. They are charming, sweet, and super-strong in their singing. But we never added the record. It’s a little on the poppy side of mvyradio.

But in the light of no new releases, we are able to listen again, and be won over by these young Canadians.

Check out a sample of "Levi Blues."

Hear the girls live at Folk Festival 50 and in an interview from that day with Barbara Dacey.

See the video, here

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