Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel and Norah Jones "You Tube's 12 Days Of Christmas"

5 Great Christmas Tunes That Aren’t Really In The Christmas Spirit

Norah Jones was recently nominated for a Grammy for her duet with Willie Nelson, for the Christmas cover of "Oh Baby It's Cold Outside." No doubt, it made the Grammy cut, because it is a timeless cover of a timeless classic.

In fact, much of what Norah Jones does is timeless. Her songs often really sound like they could have been released any time between 1920 and 2011.

Maybe that's part of what makes her inclusion in this Jimmy Kimmel bit so funny. It is absolutely the least timeless piece of music Norah Jones has ever recorded.

When digital archeologists uncover the remains of 2009, and they find this clip, they will no doubt say "How quaint! The humans of 2009 viewed their viral videos through what they called a 'web site,' instead of their ocular-implanted microscreens! This 'YouTube' must've seemed very amazing to their puny 2009 brains."

It's unwieldy to sing this year, or any year in the future. But it should make you laugh today.

See the video, here

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