Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pearl Jam “Glorified G”

Hitting Random on the iTunes list . . .

Is it my fault that Eddie Vedder could be a bit mumbly? Or do you still think that this track from their monstrously popular album “Vs.” contains the line:

“Glorified version of a Pelican!”

You know, I went to a Catholic Middle School, and our basketball team was the Immaculate Conception Pelicans, so pelicans are near and dear to my heart, but even so, they are kind of a goofy animal.

So why would someone, or something, be a glorified version of a pelican? How could someone, or something, have their embellishment stripped away, only to be revealed to be a common pelican?

I pondered this question for years.

Then I figured out the title. “Glorified G.”

G, as in “Gangster,” of the street lingo the kids these days (these days being 1993, when this album came out) use.

What does a “G” carry? Well, a pelican would certainly be garish, in a 70s Pimp/Blaxploitation style, but no, a “G” carries a gun.

“Glorified version of a Pellet Gun!”
Makes much more sense. But is less hilarious.

Hear the whole original song and see the band perform it live, here

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  1. Its good to see the band is still rocking 20 years later! Im a huge fan of Eddie and Michael.