Thursday, May 9, 2013

Treetop Flyers "Things Will Change"

I was talking with Sean, one of the independent record promoters I talk to on a weekly basis, about this song "Things Will Change" by the band Treetop Flyers, but the conversation quickly switched to a lengthy trip down a Stephen Stills road.

The band is named after a Stills song, and Sean mentioned that of the radio folks who knew the Stills song, many of them had said that "Treetop Flyer" was one of the most requested tunes at their station.

"Put me on that list, too."

Not only do we get frequent requests for this song, I can think of a few voices from the request line, who only request "Treetop Flyer."

It seems pretty odd that it's such a favorite.  Sean admitted that despite being a huge Stephen Stills fan, he was unfamiliar with the song until Ray Lamontagne name-checked it as the tune that inspired Ray to start singing.

But why is it such a listener/cult favorite?

One thought I put forth was that the album that it comes from is out of print.  As I mentioned in a previous post, if you wanted a new copy of the CD, you could find it on Amazon for $100.

But, Good News!  There's a new Stephen Still Box Set out.  The 4 disc set is about $45 bucks.

But, Bad News!  If you just want "Treetop Flyer" you can't have it.  Though you can buy most of the songs on "Carry On" as individual tracks on iTunes or Amazon, there are a handful that are listed as "Album Only."  Meaning they are only sold as part of the full package.

But I supposed 4 CDs for $45 is better than one CD for $100.

Anyway, back the original point . . . here's a band named after that Stephen Stills song, and they're pretty great sounding.  Enjoy!

Hear the song on Youtube.

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