Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Slide Brothers "Praise You"

I had The Slide Brothers CD in my hand and my eyes ran past the title "Praise You" without thinking too much about it.

Knowing that these veteran Slide and Pedal players came out of the Church and Gospel scene, it wasn't surprising to see a title like that.

But as I was scanning through the liner notes, I caught the name Norman Cook.

Norman Cook?  Fatboy Slim?!  THAT "Praise You"?

It's not so unusual for a song from one genre to migrate to another genre.

In fact, it's extremely common for a song to be refashioned for the dance floor.

It's not too often that songs flow in the other direction.  Off the dance floor and into another genre.

Oh sure, I suppose there's the Youtube thing, of taking song like "Crazy" or "Hey Ya" and stripping it down to an acoustic, singer-songwriter thing.

But converting a dance song into a Gospel (Rock) tune is a pretty interesting direction to take something.

And it sounds F-N great!

Hear The Slide Brothers on Youtube.

Hear Fatboy Slim on Youtube.

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