Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mumford & Sons "Babel"

A long-ago friend of mine had a theory she called: The Dichotomy Of Fudge.

It basically goes like this:

You have some fudge in front of you so you have a square.  It tastes delicious.  Immediately, you want more.

So you eat a second square of fudge.  It is extremely rich and luscious.  Now your whole mouth is filled with the taste.

You can't resist a 3rd piece.  It seems kind of indulgent, but there's all this fudge on the table and it tastes so insanely good.

By the time you are eating that 4th piece, you can hear the voice in the back of your head saying, "Maybe I should not be eating so much fudge," by that voice is quickly drown out by the voice at the front of your head screaming, "FUUUUDDDDGGGGGGEE!!!!!!!!!!"

Before you've even finished the 5th piece, all goes quiet in your head, except for the words: "Uh oh," as a wave of nausea takes over and you think you might just be sick to your stomach and so you lie down on the couch.

The Dichotomy Of Fudge is that eating a piece of fudge makes you compulsively want to eat more and more fudge, but eating too much fudge inevitably makes you feel ill.

I bring this up because there is another Mumford And Sons single out.

A Mumford And Sons single, I suddenly realize, is a lot like a piece of fudge.  On it's own, in a single bite, it is a fun and joyous experience, and if I play a Mumford And Sons song, the audience automatically wants more.

But the more I play Mumford And Sons, the more likely it is that the listening audience becomes sick to their stomachs from hearing them.

I mean, the first Mumford And Sons record was the 2nd most popular album of 2011 on mvyradio.  And the "Babel" record was voted number one in 2012, by a long shot.  These records are passionately loved by the listening audience, so we have played the hell out of them.

As always, I point out that we have played them so frequently, not just because WE like them, but because that's what the audience wants to hear.

I'm looking at the National airplay charts and the new single "Babel" is starting to climb.  Other listeners in other cities are already asking for more fudge.

So what do we do?  Go with what the front of your brain is screaming ("MUUUUMMMMMFOORRRRRD!!!")?  Or listen to the voice that says, "That's enough fudge for now, mvyradio listeners . . ."?

Hear the song on Youtube.

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