Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Clash "Hitsville UK"

When I was young, I remember this rumor going around that one of the actresses on "Night Court" was the woman who sang with Meatloaf on "Paradise By The Dashboard Light."

It was a subject of great debate, and great consternation.

We'd watch the music video, and some would say, "This girl doesn't look anything like the girl on 'Night Court.'"  Others would say, "Sure it does.  She's just got different hair and makeup."

And that's about as far as you could take the argument in 1985.

On Monday, I was hanging out with my wife and her brother and his girlfriend, talking about music and such, as we tend to do.

My wife asked, "Who was the woman who sang with Meatloaf on 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light'?"

"It's the woman from 'Night Court'!" I chirped.

"No.  That can't be."

"Not Markie Post.  The one before her."

"Really?"  My wife got out her phone.  "Let me look it up."

About 30 seconds later . . .

"Ellen Foley."

"And click through.  She was on 'Night Court.'"

"Wait," said my brother-in-law.  "Ellen Foley.  I know that name . . . She's the one that sang with The Clash."

"What?  That can't be."  This time it was I who was disputing.

"Yeah!  On 'Sandinista.'"

My wife continued to click through.

"He's right."

Yes, Ellen Foley was on the first 2 seasons on 'Night Court.' 

She also sang the duet with Meatloaf.  But that's not her in the music video---hence the confusion.  Karla Devito lip-synchs Foley's part for the promotional clip.

And yes, Foley was girlfriend to Mick Jones of The Clash.  She sang on "Hitsville UK."

And, some people say (though Mick Jones has dismissed the claim) that "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" was about their rocky relationship.

All this, in less than a minute.

I like living in the internet age!

Hear "Hitsville UK" on Youtube.

Hear "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" on Youtube.

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