Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tristan Israel "Martha's Vineyard Roundabout Nightmare"

With the Local Music Cafe airing tonight, I thought it would be fun to post this ditty from Tristan Israel.

Go to Washington DC, and you'll find that most politicians come from professions like Law and Consulting.

But on the local level, you're politicians are more likely people you run into in your day to day life.

If you listen our our FM station, then you might hear commercials featuring Linda Sibley.  She's the West Tisbury representative on the Martha's Vineyard Commission.  But she also runs the local Radio Shack, Vineyard Electronics.

Dave, from Tony's Market, has been doing spots on mvyradio for years.  And while he runs a great little more-than-a-convenience store (with awesome french fries that come in a paper bag), Dave has also served as the Oak Bluffs Town Moderator.

And then there's Tristan Israel.  He's long been involved with Island government, as a Tisbury Selectman.  But how awesome is it that a real politician can sing, entertainingly, about quirky local issues like the loooooooonng coming Roundabout (Rotary) that is replacing the blinker?

Barack Obama may have a nice voice, but until he writes original material, I vote Tristan!

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Hear the song on Youtube.

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