Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sallie Ford "Party Kids"

One year, (former mvyradio News Director and current weekend DJ) Megan Ward thought she'd be funny, and go as ME for Halloween.

She got a brown-hair wig and put on what I call "The Uniform," which consists of converse sneakers, jeans, unbuttoned flannel shirt over a t-shirt.  Or you can substitute a hoodie for the flannel.

Megan doesn't look especially like me, so only the folks who got "The Uniform" joke, figured out the costume.

Next year, Megan, I've got a better idea.

Hopefully, by fall, Sallie Ford &; The Sound Outside will have broken through, and folks may know who she is.

Check out these pictures of Sallie, and of Megan.  Maybe it's just the glasses, but I think Megan could pull this costume off!

Sallie Ford

Megan Ward

Hear the song on Youtube.

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