Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Warren Buffett sings

You can see yourself doing it. And your siblings. And probably some of your friends. Maybe even your Dad.

You've had rock star dreams. You've sung in the shower. I bet there has been some moment, however uncool it is to admit it, that you played air guitar.

And there are probably lots of people in your life who, you know for sure, have rock star dreams.

Everyone has rock star dreams, right?

But it's hard to picture certain people.

Your accountant? Maybe not. The Pope? Not likely to do air guitar next sermon. The funeral home director? Maybe, but you're not going to see it.

Previously, it would've been hard to envision the World's 3rd richest person having rock star dreams. But thanks to YouTube, please enjoy a loss of dignity that no billionaire could buy back: It's Warren Buffett, performing with his employees in a Geico commercial, dressed Axl Rose-style.

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