Friday, March 12, 2010

Francis Dunnery “Heartache Reborn”
Pretenders "Show Me"

There are lots of sentimental reasons to resist technology.

Just the other day, I was wondering about album art, and if it will be a lost art, now that the world increasingly buys their music in mp3 form, sans packaging.

But as a DJ, there are plenty of good reasons to happily say goodbye to the package.

This weekend, I was hosting a remote broadcast for the station. I was on the mainland, and Greg Martino, weekend DJ, was controlling things back at the station. As is the plan, we each had a copy of the list of songs to be played during my broadcast, so he could spin the discs, and I could come on the air an announce the songs, and do my shtick.

In the middle of the broadcast, I heard a song I didn't recognize. I looked on my list, then gave Greg a call.

"Should you be playing 'Show Me' by The Pretenders?"

"I am," he said, suddenly not so sure. "Track 5."

This was definitely not Chrissie Hynde singing.

When the song ended, he pulled the disc out of the player. "Gulley Flats Boys."

"Francis Dunnery! I've been looking for that!"

For the last 2 years, atop CD Player #2 in the mvyradio studio, has sat the Francis Dunnery album "The Gulley Flats Boys." Just the case. The CD had disappeared.

Saturday, when Greg had reached into The Pretenders' CD case, he assumed he was pulling out a Pretenders CD. He never looked at the label. He was spinning "Heartache Reborn" off the Dunnery CD, instead of "Show Me" off the Pretenders CD.

Fortunately, The Pretenders CD was also stuffed in the Pretenders case, so nothing is lost.

But this never happens with MP3s.

So for today, I'm not a Luddite.


Francis Dunnery

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