Friday, March 26, 2010

David Gray "Fugitive"

After you've lived with a song for a long period of time, you probably don't hear the parts anymore, and you experience it as a whole.

When you hear David Gray's "Fugitive," for instance, your reaction to the song probably has to do with how you feel about the song now that's it's been out for 6 months or so. You like the song, you don't like the song, whatever . . . you hear it as A SONG.

Meaning, you don't hear the individual parts. You don't think about the vocal take, or the piano riff, or the drum beat as elements that build on each other.

You see the forest, not the trees.

So it's fun to backtrack, deconstruct the song, and experience it as the culmination of multiple parts, worked and reworked to create a whole piece.

David Gray posted this "making of" video, that will give you the chance to hear the song anew, with each little pearl of a piece standing out to your ears, the next time you hear the song.

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