Thursday, March 18, 2010

She & Him “In The Sun”

The bargain bin is littered with albums by actors who wanted a career as a pop/rock/country star. For whatever reason, we, the fickle public, often don’t want our movie stars to be good at singing, too. Or even average at singing.

It’s kind of ridiculous to somehow only allow someone to be good at one thing. I mean, movie actors so often start off in theatre, where they succeed in musicals. So yeah, they’d have to be pretty fine singers AND actors.

But it’s pretty rare that someone known as a solid actor, gets the kudos from critics as a singer, too.

The good news is, that when it DOES happen, it opens the door for a few things. Check out the video below. Who, of She & Him, is carrying this piece?

Musicians aren’t actors. We shouldn’t ask them to be. So M Ward does a very musician-ly non-acting acting job in his role as “Him.”

But “She” oh, “She,” who sings beautifully, gets to share her other talent---which is to be utterly charming on-screen, singing, dancing and acting.

So let a few through. Zooey Deschanel can’t be the only very cool singer, who is first a very cool actor. It makes for better videos.

Check out samples of 11 actors who made albums, including Leonard Nimoy, Minnie Driver and Robert Downey Jr. Some fare better than others.

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