Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals "2.22"

Songs like "2.22" are what roped me in to Grace Potter and The Nocturals. A little tough, a little gritty.

At the station, we love that Grace is a Vermont-grow phenom, winning over one fan at a time with her powerful voice, infectious charisma and rock solid band.

And we've been long waiting for a new album, due this year.

What to make of the email I found in my Inbox last week, with only the picture in this post (on the left), and the date 04.05.10?

Grace has never looked like that anytime I've seen her.

It's only one picture, right? I doesn't necessarily say anything about the direction the band is headed in, image-wise or musically. Right?

I found the album cover for the new record on Amazon (on the right). Hmm.

What to make of the make over?

Best not to judge. Because whatever she looks like, she's always going to sound like she does in the clips below.


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