Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tom Petty “Green Onions”

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We had just spent the last four days, working out butts off to cover Merlefest. It was one of the biggest On The Road excursions we’d had up to that point, and we were dead dog tired.

But even though it was 2am, you can’t just switch off from four days of “GO-GO-GO-GO!” so we were all hanging out in Gary’s hotel room, having a few well-earned beers.

Larry was flipping through the cable channels, looking for something to have on the in the background, as we rehashed our weekend war stories. He came across a Tom Petty Concert on one of the premium channels.

“Is this okay?”

Nick responded, “Yeah. Everybody loves Tom Petty, right?”

Gary burst into deep belly laughter, and reached for the phone, quickly dialing.

“Honey? It’s your Dad. Hang on a second.”

Gary handed the phone to Nick and said, “Repeat what you just said!”

Nick, confused, stammered, “Uh, everybody loves Tom Petty . . . “

“Okay,” said Gary, to his daughter on the other end of the line, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Apparently, “everybody loves Tom Petty” is a long-standing in-joke for Gary’s family. Tom Petty being a symbol for something everyone can agree on. So he just had to share that Nick's spontaneous confirmation of that universal truth:

Everybody Loves Tom Petty.

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