Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reverend Horton Heat "Eat Steak"

There's a song for every moment, an old friend of mine used to say. Which comes in handy around present-giving time.

Once, a couple of years ago, left to my own devices to find a birthday present for my brother-in-law, I just bought him a really nice, thick steak.

When I tried to repeat the feat at Christmas, my wife was horrified. "You can't just wrap up raw beef and put it under the tree. That's gross!"

So we got him something else. What it was, I can't even remember. What I DO remember is that after opening it, he said, "Aw, I thought it might be steak!"

Every birthday and holiday, my wife and I would go round and round. I would say, I really think he wants steak, and she would say, It is disgusting to give someone unrefrigerated meat.

We arrived at a compromise this Christmas, when we ordered steaks online, to be delivered to his home after the holiday. But that left the dilemma of what to actually GIVE to him on Christmas. Because it's boring to just hand over nothing and say "You're meat's in the mail!"

So I made a Steak Compilation CD.

Of course, it leads off with the Reverend song, the most direct Steak song I could find. But there are a few other good meat songs, from Primus and Jimmy Buffett and such. And for extra flavor, I threw in the audio from the good Wendy's and Outback commercials.

Because there is a song for every occasion, including meat-giving for Christmas.

Here are a few of the tracks I included in the steak compilation.

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