Friday, February 12, 2010

Blues Traveler “But Anyway”

Top 5 Songs found in mvyradio’s online auction . . .

“I think the past, the past is behind us, be real confusing if not, but anyway.”

This is one of those lyrics that says something so complicated, in such a simple way.

And when I try to tell people how amazing it is, that something so complicated and be rendered in such a pithy manner, so hilariously, I inevitably prove the opposite.

Maybe it’s because the folks I hang around with only understand time as a linear concept.

But then yes, those who only view time in a line would be confused, if the past were not behind us. Right?

But anyway . . . here’s something less confusing, and linear-time-sensitive:

The mvyradio Online Auction ends today at 1pm ET. And we have a John Popper autographed harmonica, plus a copy of a Muddy Waters authorized bootleg, and copies for 4 friends. If you want it, you’re going to have to bid on it now! (Unless you’re reading this later than 1pm on Friday February 12th, 2010. In that case, it’s too bad that past isn’t in front of you)

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