Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mumford And Sons "Hopeless Wanderer"

Back in May, I wrestled with the idea of whether MVY should start playing the new Mumford And Sons song, "Babel," or take a pass, citing audience fatigue of the band/sound.

Ultimately, we did not add the single.

And a strange thing happened.  Or didn't happen.

I have received ZERO comments about this.

To my knowledge (and hey, as a qualifier, Lord knows I don't know everything) there has not been a single request for us to play the song "Babel." 

No one has called, or written, to say "How come you're not playing any more of the new Mumford And Sons?"

I find this stunning, particularly in light of the fact that their album was voted Number One in 2012 by the MVY listeners.

I mean, no requests suggests that no one cares or notices.  But voting it Number One just a few months ago also suggests the exact opposite.

What gives?

Well, the 3rd single has arrived at radio.  "Hopeless Wanderer" is in search of airplay.

Perhaps the most succinct assessment of the tune came from Barbara Dacey.  When I was about to play it for her, she asked, "Does it go to that Mumford And Sons place they go?"

Yes.  Yes it does.

Nothing new to see here.  Equally as likeable as their previous singles,  but nothing new.

So I'm back to where I was in May.

Is there Mumford fatigue?  Or are you ready for more fudge.

(Even if you can't stand the band, you're gonna love this video.  In fact, if you can't stand the band, you'll most definitely love the video!)

Hear the song on Youtube.

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