Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Rentals "Waiting"

I was doing a little research for the That Dog post I did on Sunday, and I found this awesome little piece of trivia.

I immediately wrote to my friend Lori T, just to see if I had made an amazing discovery, or if this little fact was known and out there.

Lori knew it, but maybe this will come as a fun surprise to you.

Reading up on That Dog, led me to The Rentals, because Petra Hayden had worked with both bands.

And reading up on The Rentals led me to note one of their temporary members.

She wasn't on their first album, which had the alterna-hit "Friends Of P."  But she joined the band for their tour, and for the recording of their second album.

She later left the band, to pursue her career in acting.

You've no doubt seen her on a very popular TV show, and/or in one of the most successful comedy movies of all time.

I won't give her name away.  Just watch the video below and look for the keyboard player in the green outfit.

And if you are totally stumped, you can click through to a picture of her, or click here for her Wikipedia profile.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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