Friday, August 9, 2013

Joe Jackson "Got The Time"

I shot out of bed a few minutes ago, with this song in my head.

We're supposed to leave for vacation tomorrow.  Nothing's packed, nothing's ready.

Had to go to a wake yesterday.  Had to do some juggling because Mom just got home from a hospital stay and needed someone to sit with her, as she's still a bit immobile.  The wife couldn't do it because we'd spent the morning after a completely sleepless Wednesday night at the pediatricians with an unhappy 3 year old who, turns out, has croup and strep throat.

We shipped the 5 year old off to the other Gramma's for the night so she's got to be picked up today before anyone can start getting ready to go away, and I've got work.  Yes, the last day of a Friends of mvyradio Drive usually means I get nothing else in the office done, but I've got stacks of scheduling, reports, emails from listeners, voicemails and other things to deal with before I head out the door.

And I have no blog posts lined up for my vacation.

I missed a day of posting for the first time in over a year, this week.  And I am fastidious about posting on Facebook every day about my blog.  Forgot to do that yesterday.

Joe Jackson's got the best advice for situations like this. 

Though I'm a guy who likes to look at the horizon, and see how everything will come together between here and when I have to go, it's too overwhelm to do that now.  I just have to focus on the task in front of me, get that done quickly and move to the next thing.

"There's no such thing as tomorrow only ONETWOTHREEFOUR!"

Hear the song on Youtube.

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