Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kami Lyle "Ice In Her Glass"

I played trumpet all throughout high school and college (hey, if you’re going to be a band geek, drums or trumpet is the way to go; they get all the ladies). So when I found out that local musician Kami Lyle also played horn, in addition to writing songs, recording albums, and fronting a trio that plays a lot locally, my interest was definitely piqued. I have been trying to see her live for years, but have never gotten the chance. I was on the verge of going to a show at the Cotuit Center for the Arts this winter, but a blizzard roared into town, and it was cancelled.

If you ask me what kind of artist she is, I really could not tell you. From what I can gather, she gained a little fame for a song called “Polka Dots” in the ‘90s. Kinda Cyndi Lauper-esque, which is probably a bit of a stereotype because she comes off as a cute, ditzy blonde with a squeaky voice. But it seems she has some Nashville and songwriting cred too, and has even played trumpet on a number of prominent artists’ recordings. She does a good Bob Dylan. Lately, she’s letting her jazz side be seen more and more. Whatever she is, we’re glad she’s here.

After a summer hiatus, The Cotuit Center for the Arts brings back Lyle to host her Sit-A-While singer- songwriter concert series on Thursday, September 19th, with Jon Pousette-Dart and Gretchen Peters. Tickets are $25 general admission, $22 for seniors and $20 for members. Pray that we don’t get snow!

For a sample of her latest songwriting contest 2ndplace winner and more evidence that she is indeed a ditzy blonde (sorry Kami, but c’mon) click on this: 

Hear the song on Youtube.

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