Thursday, August 29, 2013

Livingston Taylor "Grandma's Hands"

I'd kinda forgotten that I even knew this song, but as soon as I heard the new Willie Nelson single, "Grandma's Hands" I was immediately whisked back to seeing Livingston Taylor.

Barbara Dacey had put together a concert at Nectars (formerly The Hot Tin Roof) to celebrate her 25 years at MVY, and Livingston was on the bill.

Jess Phaneuf and I were standing near the entrance helping greet late-comers as Livingston's set was underway, when the power went out.  For a moment, I thought it might just be a brown-out, but no, the power went out and stayed out.

This might be the kind of thing that would fluster or flummox another artist and derail a whole night of music.

But I turned to Jess and said, "If there's anyone you would want stage when the power goes out, it's Livingston."

The consummate and unflappable performer, he took just a moment to assess the situation.  Then he put down his guitar, stepped in front of the microphones to the edge of the stage, and began singing and clapping.

In a moment where you could have lost the audience, lost the flow, lost the night, Livingston grabbed the room with his own two palms and led the crowd through "Grandma's Hands."

Within a few minutes, the power blipped back on, but the night, thanks to Livingston, felt nary a flicker.

Hear Livingston Taylor's version on Youtube.

Hear Willie Nelson's version on Youtube.

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