Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ugly Casanova "Here's To Now"

Some people just don't want to give up on their cover story, despite the fact that the audience stopped believing long, long ago.

Joaquin Phoenix insists that he's giving up acting to become a rapper, despite that fact that everyone knows he's just making a faux-documentary.

Ricky Martin didn't want to give up saying that he wasn't gay, despite the fact that everyone knew he was.

And Isaac Brock doesn't want to give up his "Edgar Graham" story, despite the fact that no one really believes Graham exists.

Brock is the frontman of Modest Mouse, and some 10 years ago, he claimed to have been sought out by one Edgar Graham, who gave him some demos. Brock recorded Graham's songs under the "Ugly Casanova" moniker.

Sure, it adds a layer of mystery, to involve a shadowy figure who delivers these songs. And it forces the critics to not compare Ugly Casanova to Modest Mouse so directly.

But since the story wasn't believable the first time around, why bother to revive it nearly a decade after the last Ugly Casanova record? Were people really wondering all that time what became of Graham? Is there really a need for such an elaborate press release?

We're all adults here. Can't we just enjoy the music?

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