Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gogel Bordello "Pala Tute"

Today, I'll put the song clip at the beginning of the post. I want you to listen to the track before you go any further.

Gogol Bordello is a New York City based band, led by Eugene Hutz, a Ukrainian refugee who incorporates Gypsy, Punk and wild, wild energy into Eastern European flavored music. The band's major label debut, Transcontinental Hustle, was produced by ultra-hip Rick Rubin.

So know you know a little, you've heard a little.

If I told you that this band recently collaborated with a major artist, who would you guess that collaborator to be?

I pitched this around the office, and got some sensible guesses: David Byrne. Paul Simon. Dave Matthews. They are all known to embrace world music and esoteric sounds.

But maybe our view is too limited.

Check out this video
, featuring a major, major music star, melds her song with Gogol Bordello's song.

We want to put artists (like the one in the video) is a box. She makes pop music and only pop music. And therefore, she can only like pop music.

But why wouldn't she like Gogol Bordello? None of us is so rigid that we only like one style of music, for instance Pop songs, but not Country or Blues or Hip Hop or Eastern European Gypsy Punk Rock.

So if you have written this artist off as one thing, remember, none of us is just one thing.

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