Monday, June 28, 2010

Bettye Lavette “The Battle Of Bettye Lavette”

This song is better than a motivational speaker. It’s Bettye Lavette’s story.

Forty years after her first success, she was still toiling away, true success still seeming to be around the next bend. Most of us would have shelved that dream many miles back. But she believed in her talent, and she just wasn’t willing to quit.

Bettye Lavette is an interpreter of other people’s song, she’s not a songwriter.

But her producer noted, rightly, that she has such a strong voice (“voice,” as in point of view) that she should really tell her own story, in song form. The lyrics say it all.

If you feel like giving up, I can’t blame you. It’s hard out there. But just remember this Grandmother, who knew what she had, and wasn’t going to let any setback deter her from her goal.

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