Monday, June 14, 2010

Ben Folds Five “Steven’s Last Night In Town”

“Steven’s Last Night In Town” is a song about a guy who throws a party for himself on the eve of his announced departure, only to not actually leave town. He repeats this a number of times. “Last week it was funny, now the joke’s wearing thin.”

I had a friend who had this same lack of self-awareness.

He’d announce his plan to change careers, leave town, or geez, go get something to eat. And shortly after the pronouncement left his lips, it seemed to cease to exist.

You’d see him a few days later, and ask him if he did that thing he so emphatically said he was going to do, and he’d look at you blankly, as if hearing it for the first time.

He’s a sincere guy. I don’t think he was ever bragging or bullshitting. In the moment, I think he truly believed whatever he was saying. But then it was said, and Poof . . .

I hesitated writing this post, in case he reads it. But the thing is, I know he likes the song “Steven’s Last Night In Town.” And in a non-ironic way. I think he sees Steven as ridiculous, but doesn’t see himself in the song.

And if he doesn’t see himself in the song, he wouldn’t see himself in the post. Right.

So yeah, this post is not about you.

Ben tells the real story of Steven

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