Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dave Barnes "Little Lies"

My Dad was a high school math teacher. Every Sunday morning, he would get up early, and go to the donut shop. It was a little treat for him, and us all, for a long week behind, and a long week ahead. A consistent bright spot.

One Sunday he came home hoppin' mad. It became a story he'd repeat to us, and to his math classes for years to come.

In the weeks previous, he had picked up a dozen donuts, which was too much for the family. There were only five people in our house, so even if we ate a couple of piece, we always ended up throwing donuts away (yes, we were donut-snobs--we'd never eat a day-old donut).

Back in the day, you could get a dozen donuts for a dollar. But Dad only wanted 10 donuts. He didn't want to buy donuts we were just going to throw away.

The kid behind the counter, who happened to be a student of Dad's, told him that his 10 donuts would cost a dollar-fifty, because individual donuts cost 15 cents each.

Dad spent 15 minutes arguing with the exasperated kid (who I'm sure didn't want a math lesson on a weekend), trying to get his student to explain how buying 2 fewer donuts could cost 50 cents more.

The kid finally just said, "Mr. Finn, do you want the donuts or not?"

I tell you this story, in relation to today's song and album.

If you buy 8 single tracks on Dave Barnes' "What We Want We Get" disc, from Amazon, it'll cost you $7.92 (at .99 per track).

But if you buy the WHOLE album, all 10 tracks, from Amazon, it'll cost you $3.99.


Yeah, for today only Amazon has the album for $3.99. It's a special promotion.

Don't try to explain it to my Dad.

By the way, if you click through the link below and buy the album, or buy anything from Amazon, you'll be helping mvyradio. We get a referral fee (about 4 cents on the dollar) on whatever you spend on Amazon, when you click through the link. Doesn't cost you anything, but it helps us out a little.

And if you DO buy the album, let me know what you think. "Little Lies" is one of those "on the bubble" songs for us. We may add it into rotation, we may not. Your opinion counts.

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