Friday, May 14, 2010

Susanna Hoffs “The Look Of Love"

So I had Susanna Hoffs on the phone for a Person Of The Week interview, specifically to talk about her involvement in the “Keep The Light Alive” charity CD for Lou Gerhig’s Disease, and when we finished talking about that project, well, I wanted to take advantage of having her on the phone, so I peppered her with a few more questions.

We talked about her collaborations with Matthew Sweet, the new Bangles record she and her bandmates are working on, and the possibility of a Vineyard visit someday.

Listen to that bonus part of the interview.

I loved her description of why covers are fun to do.

While I was on the carpet in the Living Room listening to records, she was in her room somewhere, listening to records with a guitar in her hands, trying to figure out something like, “Monday Monday” or “Sugar Magnolia.”

And, man, between the two collaborative covers records she’s done with Matthew Sweet, and the Bangles and solo records she’s done, there are some amazing covers, that do just what a good interpretation should---it should recall the original, but really have some kind of stamp of the interpreter.

So, for your entertainment, on the last day of a week’s worth of Susanna Hoffs posts, a bevy of her cover songs.

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