Monday, May 24, 2010

The Beatles "I'm So Tired"

Week Six.

The boy, despite being as good as you could ask a newborn to be, is taking his toll on the SS Finn Family.

The nights are cruel. We have barely slept an hour before he is awake and ready to eat.

Feed, change, rock, sleep.

And like a record hiccuping over a scratch, we are shaken out of the groove of sleep and back into feed, change, rock, sleep until the sun comes up.

That's why I always liked this song. It captures the boozy, woozy feel of wandering the darkened halls of the house at an hour you can't quite pinpoint.

And I find that my low functioning brain keeps retaining lyrics, endlessly repeating a single phrase stuck in there. Last week it was Ellis Paul's "Annalee." Two weeks ago it was "I Wanna Be Like You" from Jungle Book.

No surprise that, with the accumulating debt I owe my sleep bank, this Beatles track should be on the brain, endlessly repeating, like a warped, skipping record.

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