Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Steely Dan “Cousin Dupree”

About 5 minutes after welcoming Spring weather, I start cursing the arrival of unwanted bugs in my home.

Last week, inchworms started spinning silken strings from the trees in my front yard. And yes, I picked more than a couple of the tiny worms off my back, and out of my wife’s hair, as the little buggers descended from the branches onto us, the moving targets.

This week, it’s ants. They’re only coming in by the back door slider, but that’s where the kitchen is, so they’ve probably chosen wisely. It’s open season on any scrap of food left on the counter---and let’s face it, when you have a 2 year old, your life is crumbs.

Nothing feels more skeevy, than picking up, say, an delicious apple, biting into it, and then pulling the apple away from your face, to see an bug scurrying away from its near miss of your mouth.

And that’s basically how I feel about this song. I’m casually, somewhat absently, enjoying the catchy tune, and suddenly I figure out he’s singing about having skeevy, sexual fantasies about his underage cousin.


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  1. She's not underage. He's just "old"...