Monday, May 3, 2010

Proverb “You (PJ’s Song)”/Beastie Boys “Live At PJs”

Silent Bob had a great line in the movie “Chasing Amy”:

“What you don't know about me, I can just about squeeze into the Grand F***ing Canyon.”

I am too often reminded that the gulf of my ignorance is mighty large. Well, not ignorance, but limited knowledge.

A few weeks back I wrote about how The Hold Steady had a song that used the name Jessie, and I complained that there weren’t any songs about people named PJ.

Well leave it to a Jessie, to find me a PJ.

Jessie Barnett is an independent record promoter, and an all-around bright guy, who made this comment on my The Hold Steady Post:

"Come on PJ... took me five seconds on Google. Enjoy!"

Okay, so I wasn’t likely to find a Christian rap song on my own, but I probably should have thought of Google. Thanks, Jessie.

But no excuses for forgetting The Beastie Boys “Live At PJs.” Especially since I used it as the intro to my radio show for the first 6 years (pre-mvyradio) of my career!

So here they are, for your listening pleasure. Plus the great Silent Bob speech.

Silent Bob’s Speech

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