Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rolling Stones “Plundered My Soul”

It must be kinda like finding your almost-finished-but-not-quite-done book report from high school on “Catcher In The Rye,” and deciding to complete it. And then handing it in for the teacher to review.

“Exile On Main Street” is nearly 40 years old at this point. And I can understand the impulse to remaster and release it. The album has a famously murky sound, so, while you don’t want to change the sound of mix, at least you can get it up to speed with today’s technology.

But beyond that, The Stones had some leftover songs from the “Exile” sessions, that they thought would make good bonus material for the reissue. But they decided to add polish to the unreleased track “Plundered My Soul” by having Mick Jagger re-record his vocals, and bringing back Mick Taylor, who played on the original sessions, but has not been in the band for 35-plus years, to re-record his vocal and guitar parts.

Also on the track, from the original 1970s sessions, Bill Wyman, who hasn’t been in the band since the 1980s, and piano player Nicky Hopkins, who died 15 years ago.

Imagine being Mick, who wrote this “done wrong” song when he was in his late twenties, now singing the song from the perspective of someone who’s pushing 70! There’s got to be a world of difference, in his voice, in his intent, in his experience, with 40 years between version.

Still, it sounds like classic Stones.

The album is out today.

Jimmy Fallon had bands his show last week, covering "Exile" tracks.

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