Friday, February 28, 2014

The Breeders "I Just Wanna Get Along"

I posted Wednesday, offering a picture from the last page of a journal from spring 2000.

Actually, that wasn't the last page.

When I would get to the end of filling one of those yellow legal pads, on the second to last page I would kind of wrap up the preceding month, as you saw in Wednesday's post.

But on the actual last page, I would usually try to write a poem, or a song, or drop some piece of creative writing.

I think I am being pretty objective when I tell you that these poems were uniformly terrible.  I was, and am, a lousy poet.

So when I dug out this particular journal, I was getting ready to cringe at whatever crap I'd written on the final page.  What horrible metaphors or purple angst would be there.

Instead, I found this, on an otherwise blank sheet.

Here in 2014, it made me laugh out loud.

And just in case it doesn't come through, yes, I was being funny when I wrote this, not serious or dramatic.

Reading this, I'm pretty sure I came up with this line via The Breeders song "I Just Wanna Get Along," because around the time I wrote this, my friends and I would often quote the line "If You're So Special, Why Aren't You Dead?"

Much better than a crappy poem.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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